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Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Sure, I've died in DoA a couple of times recently, but I swear that doesn't count.

I've actually been quite a busy bee, what with having acquired a real life and everything. In the meantime, I've got some investigative journalism going, so hopefully there will soon be more shocking revelations concerning the Searing and other matters.

Before that, however, I need to address yet another of the many things I love in Guild Wars- community spirit. This weekend's event has showed me that it is not dead in Guild Wars at all, and I'm very glad to have seen it. I took part in one of the biggest 'charity' events I have heard of in Guild Wars- perhaps even the biggest one- and I had an absolute blast making people happy.

What event? The DVDF sponsor event.

So how did that work?

About a month before the announcement for the Canthan New Year festival, Shan made a post on the DVDF Alliance forums, suggesting that the alliance could sponsor a lot of banquets if we got an early start. He posted a list of ingredients, and many people spent the following weeks farming to get the alliance mules supplied. On the day of the actual event, Bro and Hum whipped out the mules again to supply all the givers with a set of items needed to complete the banquets.

We all made teams of two givers before we were assigned our districts. I teamed up with Sosuke Aizen three times- we were quite the magic team, and at our peak we managed to cover 2(!) districts in one event run. Each team had a runner and an announcer- both equipped with a set of items to be able to cover the possible disconnect of the other. Fortunately this didn't occur in any team as far as I know, but it did enable us to cover a bonus district before everyone's favourite Connect-the-Dots Rat left. So, to sum up my contribution: I ran twice and I shamelessly advertised Sosuke's name around 2 other districts.

Of course, a big party isn't a big party without celebrity guests. Mad Queen Malafide made an appearance, and so did Mog Ruith Of Armagh. There was also, of course, the rather special honour of Gaile Gray herself joining us for the festivities. She even ended up being runner in one of our districts, and spent some time attending the after party in the DVDF Guild Hall. Thanks, Gaile! ♥

Now, what is a festive post without festive screenies? A boring one!

Burning up a ton of Sparklers- my fingers are still sore. :)

These screenies are not sponsored by DVDF per se, but still donated with love by yours truly...Collapse )

I cannot, of course, neglect to mention all the souls who helped out to make this community event such a blast. The list of people who farmed, donated or contributed otherwise is endless, and you guys deserve a mention here. You know who you are- thank you so much for all the aid, for helping us keep up our stock, or even for simply attending and having fun. Thank you, too, for the fun chatter, and most importantly of all... thanks for the little (or big) gifts you really needn't have sneaked into the trades. ♥

A few last things to consider:

We were not the only alliance sponsoring. Many other guilds and alliances sponsored districts and helped spread the fun. :)

We helped an estimated 15000 people getting the most out of the Rat's visit. We were successful in every district we attended, and we kept it up for the full 24 hours of the event. Most of all, though, we had an amazingly good time partying with everyone who was there, and we'd certainly enjoy doing a similar thing again. :)

Have a look at this for more stats, and a list of names of contributors.
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Best wishes, see you guys in game.

Love, Elv. :)
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Re-posting this, as I was an utter noob the first time and forgot to actually add the screenies. Go figure. :)

A while ago (or, knowing me, many months ago) I introduced the concept of the (Many, Many, Many) Reasons Why GWG Loves Guild Wars. Most of the time I'm too busy being in love with GW to actually post my reasons why up here, but it just so happens that I'm at work right now (yes, GWG has a job) which means that I actually have time for an update. (Don't think too much about that. Just don't.)

Today, it is time to introduce another item on my long, long list of obsessions and it will include a sneak preview into what I intend to become a lasting trend: sights.

I'm not the only one who enjoys a trip of sightseeing through Tyria, Cantha, Elona, or even the North. Go to any well-visited fansite and you'll find scores upon scores of screenshots of sights both well-known and obscure. I like to go into areas that you hardly or even never go through if you simply play through the game. Questless, missionless areas made solely for our enjoyment, clearly created with the same dedication and love of detail as every other area.

Those responsible for these grand vistas or small, easily-overlooked yet brilliantly delicate sights may rightly take pride in their work, even if a big group of players is unlikely ever to behold the fruits of their labour. OCD-motivated mappers aside, we all know that we're not likely to explore the full extent of the Falls unless if we're either mapping, vanquishing, or both. (Guilty and guilty.) It's a shame, really, as much of the beauty of the game gets overlooked this way, and the skill of the creators under-appreciated. I feel that capping these places and sharing them pays tribute to their greatness.

On my many journeys I have taken an embarrassing amount of screenshots of all the sights I've seen, and, if GW were a person, it would likely press charges against me for stalking. I go through these masses of screenies every now and again, and sometimes when I'm feeling particularly creative I turn one or two of them into icons, some of which you may already have admired (or disliked) in previous entries.

Unfortunately, other than the occasional iconising, these screenies are only gathering dust on my trusty pc, never to be admired by anyone but me. That's right- I've never even bothered to enter a screenshot competition, even though I know that I should have at least one or two in my collection that might just be worth a prize.

I therefore now feel obliged to share at least a part of my collection with you, and hopefully I can continue to do so in the future. Since I tend to get bored very easily, I'll even take requests. So if there is any area you'd like me to screenie down to the last pixel... let me know and I'll get out my Adventurer's Boots.

And now, without further ado... a trip to Drakkar LakeCollapse )

Anything to share with me? Don't be shy. :)
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11 September 2007 @ 01:41 pm

Hah! If you thought I'd forgotten about posting here, you were WRONG. Contrary to popular belief, yours truly does in fact have a life, and it's been rather busy lately. No, I haven't been playing GW:EN 24/7. Okay, fine. I have. Happy now?

In other news, time to update the Dictionary of GW Linguistic Nerdage. You may always still submit, plug me somewhere, or simply laugh at the geekage. Alternatively, you'll share the silliness and start using these terms yourself if you weren't already. :)

Note to self: spam other communities with pluggage.

Fine, without further ado... entries!

Battle Nightie noun - Female Mesmer enchanter armour. Contributed by rho.

Corpseport verb - Using a skill like Consume Corpse, usually to get to a less accessible part of an area. Contributed by dragoncookie.

Dadbushed - See Mombushed.

Ganquish verb, noun - Coined by yours truly, accidentally. A friend and I were vanquishing, and I commented on how amazingly well we were doing. In fact, we were kicking butt in a way that left many a monster backside black, blue and rather dead in a very short time frame. The typo was so appropriate that I now use it for every vanquish like it.

Graduate of the Orion School of Nukage noun One who insists on casting Firestorm, Fireball, or Meteor Shower AFTER the mob is dead. Contributed by ailyrr.

James Bonded, to get / to be verb - Getting an error007. Coined by yours truly. Hey, it says 007 for a reason. ;)

Mombushed - When one's mother walks in when you are playing GW and either talks to you, or wants you to do chores... (contributed by Shan)

Parentbushed - Mombushing and/or Dadbushing.

Parent-pwned - See Parentbushed. Contributed by shawn.

Parentspike - See Parentbushed. Contributed by infymys.

Ribbons noun - Female ele in (Elite) Sunspear armour. Because seriously, that's allllll they're wearing <3 (contributed by annarti, accredited to ladylight)

Rurik Test, the noun - A test to see if you're worthy of continuing the game as a monk. Fresh out of Pre, Rurik can be quite the challenge to keep alive for a beginning monk in the Ascalon missions. (Rurik Jenkins, much?) He therefore makes the perfect test to see if you've got it in you to become a real monk or not. Failing the Rurik test means you're probably better off freeing the slot for another profession. ;)

No idea who coined that term, sadly, but I saw my guild leader Lau use it first.

Squishin noun - A crappy assassin. Contributed by annarti.

Tiki Temple noun - Because honestly, who can spell Tahnnakai? (contributed by rho)

Tinderbox noun - THK / Thunderhead Keep. Because it kinda looks like it was built out of matchsticks and so reminds of various things that are used to start a fire. Contributed by qwazy.

Vansquish verb, noun - To vanquish, or a vanquish. Reference to squishing enemies as much as getting squished. Contributed by pooka_pest.

Wurmbush verb, noun - Coined by... Shan, if I'm not mistaken. Taking blatant advantage of Junundu Wurms to kill mobs that are otherwise a royal pain in the behind- more specifically, making one de-Wurmed player pull the mob of enemies back to the range of the Wurmed players so that they can proceed to gank aforementioned mob.

That's all for now. Keep them coming! :)
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27 July 2007 @ 07:55 pm

If anyone were to ask me after my favourite profession, I'd tell them it's the Mesmer. It wasn't the first class I tried (in fact, it was the fifth), nor was it the class I got the hang of quickest, or that earned me most praise. Having played all classes to greater or lesser extent, it is simply the style of the class that has (forgive my bad pun) mesmerised me.

After Elvea Aurë the oldest character still living, I present to you... Lady Elvea.

Lady Elvea, as mentioned on her patents of nobilityCollapse )

Like most of my other characters (save perhaps Elvea Aurë, but I cannot say so anymore with any kind of certainty after this long), Lady Elvea is not my first Mesmer. (There, I said it.) My first Mesmer came into being out of curiosity for this mysterious profession, and, because all other existing characters at the time were female, I decided it was time to add some testosterone to the club.

He never made it out of Pre. I think he only ever grew to level 5, by which time I realised that he looked quite the carbon copy of Orlando Bloom as Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a good enough reason for instant deletion. (Shut up, De. I know you're enjoying reading this confession of Mesmericide. Don't you even start.)

I had already acquired some appreciation for the profession, though, and so the slot was soon occupied by another Mesmer- a female one, who, for suitability to the class was named more or less after Lady Althea. She became known as Lady Elvea, and it marked the start of a naming trend that has survived to this day.

It took Lady the greater part of her journey through Tyria to even get the hang of basic Mesmering. For a Mesmer to be of any use at all, you need to have a rough idea of what you can expect to find in any given area- what type of enemies you'll face and what skills they will be (trying) to use against you to turn you into some Half-eaten Mass. Elementalists will be able to nuke away happily in most areas, but a Mesmer prepared to shut down casters will have little else to do in a melee-heavy area other than Looking Pretty Whilst Dying With Style (TM).

It did not help Her Most Gracious Ladyship that the attitude of most people towards Mesmers was 'what are they even good for?' in those days. The greater part of my GW career was spent PUGging, and perhaps 70% of that time was spent simply trying to get Lady into a party. Mesmer? Aurora Glade? We'd rather take damage, plskthxbai. This changed by the time Lady finally deigned to arrive at Droknar's Forge and started making her way through the Southern Shiverpeaks. Perhaps she was finally starting to get the hang of indirect conditional combat, or possibly because people simply started to acknowledge her usefulness.

Possibly Lady's greatest triumph as a Mesmer was in the Ice Caves of Sorrow, way back in the day. The scenario: PUG of DEATH and UNINFUSEDNESS, Dwarves on crack and one Mursaat still standing (floating?) at the end of it all. Imagine the panic. Figuring that she'd rather die trying than start all over and get her Noble Attire dirtied up, Lady said she'd handle it and went one on one with a particularly ugly Elementalist. Backfire and Cry of Frustration made short work of what otherwise might actually have been a problem, and Lady survived the duel despite not having had her armour infused yet. (She refused to later on, for fear that the Spectral Essence would leave ugly stains.)

The triumph over the Mursaat wasn't half as wonderful as the triumph over the Mesmer profession's overall reputation of uselessness. 'Wow, Mesmers aren't useless at all' and 'OMG, Mesmers rock' make far greater achievements for Her Extravagant Snootiness than such things as acquiring the Master's reward for Eternal Grove in Hard Mode, even though the latter took far more time and patience (all things considered).

Over time, Lady Elvea has grown to be my favourite and most-played character. I enjoy a good nuke, but not as much as I enjoy yelling 'Spellbreaker THAT!' every time Random Enemy #Umpteen tries to cast Spellbreaker through Shame. (And seriously, shutting down a Dervish is the greatest joke since a certain someone was said to be elected President of the United States.)

Her Imperial(istic) Majesty now mainly enjoys acquiring (more) titles, acquiring (more) armour, and standing around looking pretty while wearing aforementioned armour without dying. She farms only rarely, if at all, because she hates risking mud stains on her Obsidian boots.
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If you thought I was going to introduce you to terms every casual Guild Wars player and their mother knows, you are sorely mistaken. I really don't need to bother with a post about '55(ing)', 'vanquish', 'gank', or notorious terms like 'Galrath', 'Ashes', 'ThK' or even 'DoA'...

We all know. Well, most of us do, and there's the Wiki for those of us who don't- new or casual players who don't keep track of things as much as... well, me, among a good many others. xD

What I'd like to document in this entry are modified Guild Wars terms- random 'slang' from inside your guild or alliance that got more popular and became part of the jargon- crazy terms that fit perfectly into the Guild Wars universe, and if we're really honest... pet terms we really just love to use for the sake of using them.

I'll start with a few from my own alliance, and hopefully more people will post and add their own suggestions, stories and experiences. I won't promise I'll add every term you throw at me, but I'm pretty sure I'll be updating this. ;)

Oh yeah... shouldn't have to say this, but the terms should fit the PG-13 label. :P

Ganquish verb, noun - Coined by yours truly, accidentally. A friend and I were vanquishing, and I commented on how amazingly well we were doing. In fact, we were kicking butt in a way that left many a monster backside black, blue and rather dead in a very short time frame. The typo was so appropriate that I now use it for every vanquish like it.

Abductape verb - Also coined by yours truly. Abducting a friend or guildie through party leader abuse, and ductape. Particularly useful for the tougher HM missions. ;)

Wurmbush verb, noun - Coined by... Shan, if I'm not mistaken. Taking blatant advantage of Junundu Wurms to kill mobs that are otherwise a royal pain in the behind- more specifically, making one de-Wurmed player pull the mob of enemies back to the range of the Wurmed players so that they can proceed to gank aforementioned mob.

Just three so far, I know. They're just my personal favourites and good examples of what I mean. I hope they've inspired you to post yours, along with their stories. Should be good fun. ^^
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20 June 2007 @ 02:25 am

I mentioned not too long ago that I joined a funky cool alliance- the DVDF alliance. Well, today I fired up my comp and checked the GW.com news, to be pleasantly surprised... DVDF has made it Guild of the Week.

The article can be found here.

As it was said in AC earlier today... this was an alliance achievement, and in my opinion well-earned. There are some truly wonderful people in this alliance and they deserve this credit. Congratulations to all. :)

An all-Mesmer group shot made today. It's nowhere near all of the alliance, but it's the closest to a group shot I can get right now. Guess which Mesmer is mine. :)

Love you guys, you are wonderful. ♥
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22 May 2007 @ 04:30 pm

I can babble about Guild Wars and my experiences all I like, but that doesn't take away the fact that it says little about what I play. You may (or may not, as the case may be) be interested to meet the people who bear witness to my experiences. Not my friendly guildies or the poor PUGs who've put up with me over the past two years, no... rather, I'd like you to meet those who have suffered most- the characters who followed me into the depths of Hell, following my orders even if they knew better.

I therefore present to you, as the first in a series, Elvea Aurë.

Elvea Aurë according to the Scribes of AscalonCollapse )

Elvea Aurë is not my first ever character, but she is my oldest still living one at the age of 20. The successor of Elvea of Ava, Elvea the Divine and Elena Cúthalion, whose tragic tales shall be told at another time, Elvea Aurë was the first to make it all the way to the Ring of Fire island chain. Here she defeated the Lich, the greatest threat to Tyria since King Adelbern had chili for dinner. As a reward, she acquired a set of 15k Pyromancer Armour to show off her accomplishments to the world.

I am ashamed to admit that she was later subjected to hours of farm runs on Perdition Rock, and afterwards turned into a mule. Even after the Xunlai introduced material storage, Elvea Aurë did not get to do much of the exciting stuff. Only with the threat of Nightfall did she get moving again, and through an odd kink in the space-time continuum, she defeated Abaddon before she ever got to Cantha to rescue Emperor Kisu from the clutches of the evil Shiro Tagachi.

She is now content to wait for greater challenges, and is not afraid to face the dangers of Hard Mode. No longer a farmbot, storage mule or simply gathering dust in a quiet little corner, Elvea Aurë has found her place in the world.
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08 May 2007 @ 08:10 pm

I did it. I sold out. After nearly a year in a solitary guild which I really only had so I could have a ninja ELVY tag behind my name, I disbanded the guild and joined a big alliance. Let's be honest- a game like Guild Wars is best played in, well, a guild. Solo guilding with ninja tags is all very cool and all, but it's far less shiny when you end up having to PUG your way past everything, and have the ill fortune of running into groups of people whose cumulative IQ never seems to surpass the two-digit level.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of good players in the game, and I've had a lot of fun with PUGs along the way. Heck, I met a few seriously awesome people through PUGging. What I'm referring to is my unceasing misfortune when teaming up with strangers is concerned- I somehow usually end up with people who try to solo things in an 8-man team.

Sound like healbot blues? Oh yeah. My monkie PUGged her way to the Protector of Tyria title and I can tell you that it was quite painful. Ascalon is easy enough, but try keeping a Wammo alive in any of the Ring of Fire missions. I won't ever claim I'm a good Monk (I still think I'm a total noob, really), but I think I deserve at least some credit for succeeding.

Anyway- a year is a long time, and it gives room for a lot of misfortune and trauma. One year's worth of PUGging was enough for me to consider killing my guild at the first seriously awesome reasonable offer.
A little while ago I took part in Girl Power Hour- an all female event, and in that particular instance it involved kicking butt in the Fissure of Woe. This in itself was fun, because I hadn't Fissured since I started my 'solo guild' and I wasn't averse to having another go at it after so long.
I arrived at ToA far too early, but that was all right because I soon got talking with a wonderful officer of the DVDF alliance whose name shall remain secret for the sake of sparing her another wave of unwanted PMs. We decided to team up, and were joined by another DVDFer soon enough. Once the event started the team filled up nicely with a bundle of other wonderful female players, and we did in fact kick butt. It was in truly one of my better Fissure experiences, and I can honestly say that everyone's willingness to cooperate was the cause.

I didn't know it at the time, but the officer I had met had decided that I would suit DVDF better than I would suit my leet sexy ninja solo guild with awesome tag. Two days later, my Guild had been abandoned and the ELVY tag was replaced by a nice, shiny (far less lonely) DVDF one.

As I write this, it is a month and some weeks after I joined, and I can only say I'm glad I did it. The many members make up a cumulative awesomeness that I have not encountered in any other guild I've been part of in the days before I started my own, and the crazy events add to the package. What events?

Well, something such as the Grenth Event...Collapse )

Or something like the Crazy Amy Event. :)Collapse )

Good times. <3
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It should not surprise you that someone going by the alias of Guild Wars Geek is insanely in love with the world of Guild Wars. In fact if you are surprised, I would suspect that a Charr sneaked up on you while you slept and ate your brain.

Today I bring to you the first installment in a series of indefinite length- the (Many, Many, Many) Reasons Why GWG Loves Guild Wars.

This is by no means the greatest reason for my Guild Wars love, nor do I even have a top ten list of things I love most in any specific order. This is simply the first to come to mind, as it is the most recent and therefore currently most relevant reason.

Reason Why GWG Loves Guild Wars: Events

Today on Events, I will highlight the most recent (mini) event in Guild Wars- the unannounced Lyssa's Fools event. This is by no means the official name of the event, but since it didn't seem to have one I have chosen one that seemed most appropriate.

Players who logged on yesterday into Kamadan, Shing Jea or Lion's Arch found themselves facing a rather (un)pleasant surprise. After a load that was suspiciously longer than usual, they found that their characters had had a sex change. Instead of your elegant and charming female Mesmer, for instance, you could suddenly find yourself facing a pompous, ugly male version of it- if you were really unlucky, he would look like Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean too. (Which is a nasty surprise, I don't care what his fangirls say.)
In this same way, your tall and brawny Warrior might have transformed into a significantly shorter and slimmer female (which, where it concerns Warriors, can only ever be an improvement in my opinion). After initial shock (and sometimes horror) players soon realised the date (April 1st) and found that leaving town was enough to revert this involuntary sex change.
Even Gaile Gray was not unaffected- she appeared in Kamadan International District 1 to comfort the horrified masses, looking remarkably virile herself. According to her, Lyssa, two-faced goddess of illusions, beauty and matron goddess of actors, was somewhat of a prankster as well and had played us all for fools. Fortunately for players around the world, Lyssa was kind enough not to make the effects lasting and so all is once again well today.

I myself have taken pictures of all my transgender characters, it is up to you to decide whether the sex change was an improvement or not. I have my own opinion on the matter, but yours is just as welcome just so long as you agree with me. To the left are the illusions, to the right the originals.

I feel pretty, oh so pretty... I feel pretty and witty and- ...nuked.

Follow the Conga-line of FoolsCollapse )

It may not have been a big event, and there may not have been any fancy headgear involved, but it was certainly very memorable. I for one shall never forget- if only because I am scarred for life. I shall now spend hours and hours ogling the screenies of my male Paragon to console myself.

This was Guild Wars Geek, reporting to you live from Kamadan. Back to you, Orlando.